My Story

My name is Jacqui Carroll, I'm married to an amazing man, who is understanding and supportive in everything I decide. I'm wheelchair bound, I have a disability called Cerebral Palsy, my disability only affects the way that I walk and not the way that I think, I am a person that will try everything and anything that I set my mind out to do.i will try my best to the best of my ability, I'm determined to give anything a try, and will work hard towards my goals and achieve what I need to achieve .

I have always dreamt about running my own business being my own boss, my father and hubby kept on saying to me you can achieve anything you set your heart out to do' and you will get there, just because you have a disability doesn't mean you have a mind and soul.

i had never heard of the Scentsy business before, until one morning at church when a friend had asked me to a Scentsy party that she was hosting at her house. I went the following weekend, and you could just smell the aroma in the house when you opened the front door and the smell was like so yummy you could just eat it. I just couldn't believe how safe it was around kids and pets, it was all about how safe it was in the home and the fragrance was like no other candle I've smelt before and if you could sell it, so could I so here I am giving it a go.

i then joined Scentsy on August 31st 2015,  but somehow somethings got in my way and I left for a little while, my father-Inlaw became very sick with dimentcha (I think that's how you spell it,)until late November last year he passed away he was such a lovely man I loved him so much and I still miss him like crazy, he was a man that didn't Judge me, he treated me like as if I had nothing wrong with me, all my husbands family treat me like a person, they just didn't look at me with a disability they treated me like a real person, and not the fact that I had a disability, but as a real person.

so if you are looking for a dream job, then your come to the right place try Scentsy and your be amazed you did because you don't have to worry about selling Scentsy because it's the smell that sells for you, just invite your friends and family and they too would fall in love with the products too.

My goal is to be able to run my Scentsy business the best way that I can, and my potential goal is to recruit as many as I can, run two to three parties a week, and try to climb up the rank.